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Heal Yourself! 17 Tricks for a Soothing Self-Massage

When you tired or exhausted at home? How to relax your self? Reader’s Digest Editors Give your 17 tricks for a soothing self-massage.

1. Use a tennis ball to relieve tension

2. Give your neck a break

3. Hammer out kinks twice a day

4.Massage your calves after wearing heels

5.Rub your belly after eating

6.Massage yourself pre- and post-workout

7.Give tired eyes some heat therapy 8.Massage your hands when you put lotion on

9. Make a heating pad for a soothing massage

10. Ease tired feet

11. Open your sinuses

12. Pinch tired arms

13. Give yourself a hug

14.Relax with a lavender-scented foot rub

15. se pressure for headache relief

16.Keep a DIY massage box at work

17. Squeeze a tennis ball Did you learn these skills already?


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